CEO and founder of Inventiva Works  &  Teatro ñ 

Monica Cliff

Monica Cliff is the CEO and founder of Inventiva Works, a theatrical designs company that now offers art and theater classes for kids and youth. Monica has organized art and theater classes previously in Mexico, and for over 15 years she has designed sets, costumes, puppets, and more in Madison, WI for local theater companies such as Children’s Theater of Madison, Theatre LILA, Wisconsin Film Festival, Sauk Prairie High School, among others. Monica created Teatro ñ in Madison at the beginning of 2021. 

Monica has a bachelor’s degree in Scenography from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico, and currently she is a grad student in the Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership program at Edgewood College.

CEO and founder of Inventiva Works


Natalia Armacanquí



Natalia Armacanquí is a world-renowned dancer. Taal (rhythm), Ang (movement), and Abhinaya (expression) - Natalia integrates the three elements of Kathak, a classical dance from North India, together with other global dance forms, to create new aesthetics from the stylistics of traditional techniques to the dynamism of contemporary themes.

Rooted in a multicultural background and trained in a variety of international dance styles since childhood - Natalia has shared her art with audiences internationally such as Delhi, London, Puerto Rico, and more through performance, poetry, choreography, and teaching. Her inspiration continuously grows in dance's ability to transcend cultural barriers and as a means of raising awareness on social justice issues such as gender violence, interfaith harmony, racial justice, and more.


Araceli Esparza is a Latinx Poeta. MFA graduate from Hamline University, with strong migrant farmer roots, and recently published in the Astri(x) journal. She was also named 2015 Women to Watch by Brava Magazine. “To me, being a Latinx writer means to be able to catch fires, to bring forth something from labor and sweat, to have enough when there’s not a lot.


Araceli Esparza

Poet & Speaker



Zeus Corona is a graphic designer,  with a master degree in photography and another master degree in music production, and he is currently enrolled in to pursue his bachelor degree in philosophy. Zeus is the founder of Lumos dei productions. He has more than 30 years playing with different bands and he plays different styles of music.

His main focus is photography, video production and music production without letting go of his own music composition. Lately he has been experimenting  with painting.

Graphic Designer, Photographer & Music Producer

Zeus Corona



Art and creativity play an integral part in her life. She is the owner of Art MVF Design. In 2003 she received an Associate Degree in Graphic Design and 2005, an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from Madison College.  In 2014 Veronica completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Therapy at Edgewood College.  

Through art-making and creative expression, she has promoted community art spaces where people can come together to build community,  heal, connect, and draws positive change. She believes that artistic expression help opens our eyes to injustice and convey powerful new visions and possibilities, and our originality helps us survive and thrive.

Executive Director for DAMA,          Painter & Muralist

Veronica Figueroa

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Angelica Contreras is a Latinx artist interested in exploring the relationships between identity, tradition, and pop culture, through its many layers, incorporating techniques like acrylic, oil, and collage into her pieces. 

She was born in Whittier, California, and moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco at an early age. She attended the University of Guadalajara, receiving a B.A. in art in 2008 and a Masters in Art Education in 2016.  Her artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Mexico and the U.S., including  “The Hidden Faces/ Los Rostros Ocultos” at Latino Arts Inc in Milwaukee and “What We Inherit: Remnants of Light and Space” at the Overture Center in Madison, WI.  She was a recipient of the Forward Art Prize in 2020, aimed to support the work of female artists in Dane County. She currently lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin, where she continues to create and showcase her art.

Visual Artist

Angelica Contreras